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Last year on this day

On April 16th 2020 the director of the fantastic Tom and Jerry died  at the age of 95.

This entertaining animated series won more Academy awards than any other  character based animated series. The cartoons were translated into over 28 languages and remained the most successful financial success until the Simpsons...does that mean Swarovski will soon be making Marg!

  • Jayne Bartsch
Swarovski Crystal Lovers Event

Swarovski Crystal Lovers Event

This years Swarovski Crystal Lovers event is from Feb 27th till March 7th.

Some great special offers if you purchase your club pieces during this time.

Pictured is this years special event piece. 

Please contact us to prebook your time to view the collection.

  • Jayne Bartsch

New Swarovski Christmas Star...its RED

This year you will have a choice of the clear star or a red colourway. We are ecxited about this. Dont miss out, contact us now.
  • Jayne Bartsch

Check out the new Swarovski Gingerbread Mos.

This years Christmas Mo,s are twice as nice. 

Orders now.

  • Jayne Bartsch

New Star Wars pieces coming!

Yes, finally Darth Vader by Swarovski is coming!,

(Storm Tropper and Yoda, will complete this collection)

  • Jayne Bartsch


  • Jayne Bartsch