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Back in 1892 Daniel Swarovski developed a revolutionary machine to cut crystal. The brand is now known the world over for its imaginative use of crystal in jewelry, figurines optics and personal accessories.
The very first decorative Swarovski figurine- The mouse- hit the market in 1975. Since then we have been constantly amazed at the pieces which continue to evolve. We are waiting with great anticipation for the new Hello Kitty range to arrive.
Swarovski as a company are constantly working to make sure that the planet is better for them being here. Their green policies make this company unique in the market place.
We have been stocking Swarovski now for over 30 years, so if you can’t find an older piece be sure to contact us.


In 1953 three brothers, Juan, Jose and Vincente LLadro began to experiment in a small furnace in their home.

LLadro was born.

The delicate features, the handmade flowers, and lace work on these porcelain pieces continue to fascinate collectors the world over.

In the 1970s lladro released its GRES range- these pieces have a unique feel to them- pieces which invite you to bring them into your homes.

We are proud to be able to present LLadro to you; it has a special place in our hearts.


The Moorcroft name dates back to the formation of the factory by William Moorcroft in1897.

The style is easily identified by its strong colors, and bold tube lining.

Did you know that you can identify the tube liner, painter’s marks and the date of manufacture by looking at the base of the piece.

Each piece is truly unique. We show case an every changing collection- ask us if you are after a particular piece we may have it in stock.